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LaB is living a beautiful life designed with intention. Living a Beautiful Design Candles was established in 2020 by myself, wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I had a vision to "live my best life" by being intentional in almost all that I do, with a major focus on my feelings. My goal was to set the intention of how I want to feel daily which led to curating those into a candle...FEELINGS IN A JAR.

Lighting a candle is one of the most beautiful ways to feel grounded, centered and connected to self. As a mother, this helps to create a home experience of being consciously aware of how it feels. Light each candle with intention to match its feelings while serving you which will reflect throughout your home. It's about being intentional of how you want to feel each day and guiding you through those hard feelings that may surface. My candles not only set a mood, they activate a feeling.

My husband and our two beautiful children are the inspiration for designing a home experience with intention. I hope that LaB candles will help my customers to connect within their interiors and become the designer of their own homes.

With Love and Light

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